It's easy, trust us!

Digi Dash is a standalone device that plugs into your vehicles USB port used for CarPlay. Once connected our innovative Android software loads onto your car screen via the CarPlay system, enabling a wide range of amazing features.

Although Digi Dash uses the CarPlay system, we have our own interface and this is different to the traditional CarPlay you are used to.

No Installation

Plug, Play, Fun.

Connect to the Internet

To get the most out of Digi Dash connecting to the internet is recommended. You can do this via either a WiFi source such as your phones personal hotspot or you can use a 4G compatible SIM with the in-built SIM card tray. 


Just how you like it!

Your Digi Dash your choice

Customise your home page. Download your favourite games and applications from the Google PlayStore and use Digi Dash however you want, the possibilities are endless!